Marketing Plan

How can you increase your turnover?

Can a Marketing Plan really help?

Do I need more Display?

These are the most common questions asked  when you are running a retail store or you are launching a new product. It's been proven and is common knowledge that the right Display can increase your sales by up to 70%.

As we know, the packaging is sometimes the key to success. A great product can be let down at the point of sale by poorly designed displays. The quality of the product needs to be reflected in the Display as well. We have many years of experience in the Display Industry and are happy to offer you advice.

The most common mistakes are:

-   Lacking experienced advise on design and construction.

-   Every retail outlet has varying space available to them. Do your research, do a trial run and talk to the retailers.

-   Who is your target market? Match colour, materials, shape and images to your target group.

-   Consider freight, storage and assembly of your Retail Display.

-   The Display needs to be easy to assemble and restock, as well as, easy for the retailer to use.

-   Find the right manufacture for your Display needs. They should be, easy to deal with and deliver on time and specifications. Also a good network of installers is also important.



1. Provide useful information, i.e. seasonal use if it is a seasonal product.
2. Promote product benefits and results to the buyer.
3. Promote the use and benefits of using a range of your products displayed, therefore selling not just one item, but several at once!
These are easily achievable by simply adding a clip-on brochure pocket or a data strip that sticks to the shelf or stand.



  • Don’t take shortcuts on point-of-sale display stand design and production
  • Display stands are excellent cost effective, in-store sales people and you only pay them once in their lifetime!
  • Effective displays are important! They give your product and company an extra edge and promote awareness.

Our advise to you... Give us a call and we can be of assistance!