Picture and Poster Holders

Customised Picture Frames Modern and Timeless
Are you sick and tired of the old-fashioned way picture frames look?
We have picture frames available for you, with a modern look.

They come as two pieces of acrylic sandwiched together using silver nubs for fixings. Hanging options: Portrait or Landscape.
The size can vary from A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0 or we can custom make to order.
Display your Artwork, Family Photos or Images from your Wedding. Acrylic does not absorb as much damaging UV light. 
Some acrylics can block up to 95% of the harmful sunlight.
So if you have got a “Mona Lisa” – this would be the best way to protect the piece of Artwork from damage.
This picture frame can also be used for standard certificates to hold an A4 page but we can also make frames to suit any sized image. The frame is held together with 4x bolts going through each corner of the frame, which is finished, on the front with silver nubs. The unit hangs on the wall with 2x keyhole blocks concealed on the back.