Table Talker

Table Talkers

Table Talkers are the silent salesmen when it comes to Point of Sale.

They sit quietly on tables in cafes and restaurants, displaying drinks, specials, menus and all manner of information to entice the customer into further purchases while their meal is being prepared.

They go by many names and come in various configurations: upright cardholders, triangular menu holders, tent stands; these are just a few of the names given to them.

What makes a Table Talker a true Table Talker is the ability to insert a card with information for the customers. The Table Talker protects the card lengthening it’s life and makes it more attractive.

But life for the diligent Table Talker is not all good. They have to endure a few knocks, often literally.

Some do not survive hitting the floor when toppled off the table, some cannot stand up to the abuse that fidgeting customers put them through.

For a Table Talker to last it needs to be designed to survive the being poked and prodded and made of materials that both look good and will last for a satisfactory length of time.

At one time the straight up and down t-card holder ruled, but these days Table Talkers can be coloured, or be made using wood or metal, they can be laser engraved, or given a cut shape.

Of course, where the bottom line is the most important consideration, the old designs are still excellent options, but with a slight twist to give it a modern look.

Things to consider when you design your Table Talkers:

If you choose a size of card insert that is standard, it will make life easier when you print replacement inserts.
Using similar materials for the Table Talker as you do for the interior fit-out looks great.
Table talkers are magnets for fidgeters; we can design them to resist tampering.
How much information do you need to display on the Table Talker and how often does it need to be changed?
Do you want the Table Talkers to have a second purpose, i.e. to hold table numbers?
If you would like to know more about these products please give us a call and we can design a solution for you!