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Brochure Holders

Brochure holders need to show case the contents and work in with the environment they are placed in.

Your brochures can be held in a variety of materials and designs including traditional plastic or modern materials.

Set yourself apart from the competition with innovative brochure holders

Holders don’t just need to free stand on a counter – contact us for some innovative display ideas.

We create traditional brochure holders from plastic, or can design and manufacture holders from a great range of modern materials.

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Ballot & Donation Boxes

We offer a large selection of ballot boxes to choose from which can be manufactured out of a range of materials and colours, such as opaque acrylic to keep your contents hidden from view, we also offer various styles and finishes to suit your requirement.

You can also keep your customers ideas and feedback safe by purchasing a lockable ballot box from our range:

  • Counter Top Ballot Suggestion Boxes
  • Floor Standing Ballot Suggestion Boxes
  • Wall Mounted Ballot Suggestion Boxes

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Table Talkers

Table Talkers are the silent salesmen when it comes to Point of Sale.

They sit quietly on tables in cafes and restaurants, displaying drinks, specials, menus and all manner of information to entice the customer into further purchases while their meal is being prepared.

They go by many names and come in various configurations: upright cardholders, triangular menu holders, tent stands; these are just a few of the names given to them.

What makes a Table Talker a true Table Talker is the ability to insert a card with information for the customers. The Table Talker protects the card lengthening it’s life and makes it more attractive.

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Awards & Trophies

Honour winners with awards & trophies they will display forever.

An award can be the end result of incredible dedication and effort so the physical award they receive needs to represent that.

Traditional awards can be created to existing specifications, or our design skills can create an object so unique it could be used as an art piece.

Real Estate

We supply the real estate market with Sale Signs, Outdoor Brochure Holders, Flags and loads more.

The real estate market is constantly flowing and new innovative ideas are always needed.

Just send us your photos and text and we'll take care of the rest.
The standard size of a real estate sign is 900 x 600mm, 1200 x 900mm, and 1800 x 1200mm.

We can also be of assistance with brochure holders or business card holders, which can be attached to your sign.

Flags: these can be attached to your car tow-bar, or you can park your car on the flag base, increasing the visibility for agents.

The Hanging Window Display can be customised to any width and height.
It can hold A4, A3 and customised posters.
Let as know how much space you have and we will work out the best fit for the window area of your premises.

Telescopic Flag
- 5.5m height for maximum impact
- Can also be used at 4m hight
- Suggested flag size 3000mm x 1170mm
- Telescpes down to 1.4m


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