CNC Router Solutions

Display Tactix (2003) LTD has the experience and a long history of supplying router cut lettering to signage companies all over New Zealand.

The most obvious use of the router is to produce cut out lettering and logos. We work with a wide range of materials including:

  •  acrylic (perspex, plexiglass)
  •  signex and rigid PVC
  •  ACM or Aluminium Composite panel (signbond)
  •  mdf or customwood
  •  timber like Macrocarpa, Pine, Rimu, Kwila, plywood or laminates
  •  brass and aluminium.

Maximum sizes are 100mm thick by 1220mm wide by 2440mm long.


Single depth engraving

3D routing can be used to emulate hand carved effects.

Sign blanks, panels, and all shapes, can be cost effectively produced with great accuracy, as a one off or in larger production runs.

A variety of different effects can be created with bevelling or radiusing the front edges of the lettering for a little extra cost.

Acrylic letters will be flame polished to bring the edges up to a crystal finish.

Aluminium lettering can be polishing or powder coating in a wide range of colours.

File Transfer

We can read Zip, CD or DVD, or files under 5MB can be e-mailed.

We can read both PC and Mac files, and can directly open the following:

  • CorelDraw (version 13 and earlier)
  • Adobe Illustrator (version 8 and earlier)
  • Freehand (version 11 and earlier)
  • Photoshop (version 7 and earlier)
  • Acrobat PDFs (print optimised)

In addition we can also read the generic formats, EPS, JPG, PLT and TIF.

Scanned Images (BitmapFiles)

Please scan Images in 600 dpi or more.


Please ensure that all fonts are converted to paths or curves, or all fonts are included. Also ensure that any linked files are included.

If you have any further questions please contact one of our sales team.

Engineering Solutions

We offer a Customised Plastic Manufacturing service for engineering companies in the greater Wellington region.

We have the recognition of quality when it comes to customised plastic fabrication.
We will fabricate what you need, when you need it, at a price you will be happy with. We can work from your prints, sketches or ideas to efficiently fabricate exactly what you need. We have been plastic fabricating for over twenty years using state of the art equipment in our modern efficient facility. Our outstanding reputation is the result of our well-trained professional team of staff. We will save you time and money doing what we do best, fabricating your parts.

- Prototyping & Modelling
- CAD Design
- CNC Router / CNC Laser
- Milling
- Drilling
- Turning

Plastic Fabrication & Manufacturing for Industry

Manufacturing of acrylics and engineering plastics to customer specifications is one of our core competencies at Ridout Plastics. From hand-crafted fabrication to extrusion - we do it all.We can work from pencil drawings to blueprints, producing the desired components ready for shipment. Ridout Plastics can go from prototype to production quickly. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment for exacting tolerance control in today's zero-defect environment. Our production workers, staff, and management have all been trained in TQM/CPI concepts. This means your order is produced accurately and On Time. Every customer and every order is important to us at Ridout Plastics.

Products manufactured by Ridout Plastics are exported to Baja California, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Chile. Whether your order is small or a truckload, we can ship it anywhere - fast. all materials can be packaged for export worldwide. Please allow time for Letter of Credit or Wire Transfer processing in addition to transport method in determining delivery time.

Cutting Service - Sawing, CNC Routing & Shaping, Computer Controlled Laser Cutting 

We love to Cut to Size, Plastic Fabrication & Machining - any plastic material (whether we sold it or not). Ridout Plastics is very competitive on large or small cutting and plastic fabrication jobs. Accurate. Squareness. Chip Free Edges. We are setup to turn your job around fast. Plastic Fabrication & Machining require special blades and have different feeds and speeds. Don't risk re-inventing the wheel and having to replace material from your learning experience. Straight edges, Curves, Holes - they don't scare us - we thrive on it!. Ask Ridout Plastics to supply the finished pieces. Our computer - controlled accuracy means it's right the 1st time.

Plastic Fabrication

Our team of high qualified Plastic Fabricators are helping you with design and fabrication in a wide ranges of plastic products.
We are manufacturing customised plastic and display products. From the design to the manufacturing to the installation, we are doing the hole job.

Plastic Fabrication.
Plastic sheets can be cut to size, profile cut's with our CNC machine and bend in to shape.
Polished edges, bend or curft shape, all can be fabricated. If you like sent us your drawing, skate or better your file. (EPS, DWG, DXF, PLT, … ) and we will see what we can do for you.
Have a look frow our range of plastic sheets and let as know if we can help.

Sheets & Cut To Size Acrylic:

2mm to 100mm Clear Acrylic ( perspex ) sheets (von Degussa, Evonic, Plexiglass),

3mm Colours or 3mm to 10mm Tints Acrylic sheets,

3mm Gold and Silver Mirror Acrylic sheets,

Satin-ice Acrylic sheets,

Non-Reflective or Gallery Acrylic sheets,

High & Medium impact Acrylic sheets,

Green Edge Acrylic sheets,

Acrylic Rod and Tube,

and a lot more.......


Clear, Tints, Opal Polycarbonate sheets, Hight impact plastic sheets.


Clear, White, Grey, Silver, Signboard, Coreflute, Flutboard and MORE.

Other Products Available:

Pet - G, ABS, Polypropylene, Chopping Board, ACM, Pet, and MORE.