Sustainable future


Like most leading businesses we believe that what we do now has an impact on the future for all. As members of the Sustainable Business Network, we are committed to sustainable business practices and will advise you where sustainable materials can be used.

Choose sustainable display products like solar-powered LED light boxes. Your choices as a consumer include getting what you want as well as being mindful of the environment. We offer a range of sustainable products so you can marry your personal beliefs with the way you do business. Some of our products on offer are new generation X-Board™ and eco-friendly solar powered LED light boxes.

We also encourage you to recycle your old or broken displays by offering you the 

opportunity to bring back your old or broken displays and we will recycle them where possible. We will know what materials were used and which ones to recycle to lessen impact on our environment.

Machinery to increase productivity & decrease power usage. Here at Display Tactix  we have heavily invested in state of the art machinery that increase productivity with special cutting tools to minimise power costs.

Retractable Display – Roll Up Bamboo Display

Our bamboo retractable banner display stand is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional display solutions for exhibition and display markets. Primarily constructed of bamboo, the unit is made from 90% renewable resources with a low impact agro-forestry product that offers a natural choice to the increasing green orientation of business. This sturdy and premium portable display unit offers the same high performance attributes as other retractable banner stands. It's precision engineered retraction system makes it easy and quick to set up virtually anywhere simply unwind the graphic stored in the bamboo base and insert the support pole. Comes in a fabric carry bag.


Width 850mm
Height 2000mm
Weight 5.5kg

Our Material Recycle Program and Policy


Acrylic is one of the cleanest and most recycle friendly plastics. You can reproduce as many Acrylic sheets as you like from old Acrylic sheets, with no loss to any of the characteristics of the material. Please help us to look after our environment by returning used unwanted acrylic products to us, so we can all help to look after our resources.

Despite what you may have heard or read - PVC is recyclable. It can be turned into safety mats for flooring and playground mats so our children stay safe and scrape free.


Xanita board is made from 100% recycled paper – any off-cuts are recycled using the local council recycling scheme.


This is commonly processed by recycling stations across NZ – it is turned into bins, pipes, pallet sheets and trays. The list of everyday products that are created is endless.


Do you care about the environment as much as us? Become part of our customer recycle program. It's as easy as, you return your old products to us and we will aim to recycle 100% of them for you.